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ARK Emergency Supply Container

Shipping Containers & Trailers

On-site ARK Containers are an economical way to keep substantial quantities of emergency preparedness supplies in one central location, away from your building, but ready for an unexpected emergency. Water tight and extremely secure, these containers come in a variety of sizes from 10 feet to 40 feet in length, with customized layout to meet the specific needs of your company.

We customize layouts to meet the specific needs of your company, and we can retrofit your ERT to include a solar package, generator, medical and sanitation supplies, food and water, and numerous other options.

Emergency Response Trailers (ERT)

An Emergency Response Trailer provides the ultimate in company preparedness assuring that you are ready to respond to both on- and off-site emergencies. Customize your ERT, choosing from a variety of supplies, layout designs, cabinet options and special features for meeting the needs of your corporate campus in times of disaster.

This is an excellent solution for hospitals, research centers, and universities.

We also offer ongoing support, including Computerized Maintenance Schedules, Inspection Checklists, and Supply Replenishing Plans.

Emergency Response Trailer (ERT)
Emergency Supplies Cabinet and Job Box

Secure Cabinets and Job Boxes

Emergency cabinets are a compact solution for on-site organization and storage of the supplies your company will need in the event of an unexpected disaster situation. Arrange for a cabinet in each building for maximum preparedness. Ready America can provide the cabinets thoughtfully stocked with supplies, as well as manage the inventory as needed.

  • Easy, on-site access to critical supplies
  • Locks with breakable emergency key box
  • Arrange for a cabinet in each critical area

Bulk Supplies

Whether you are providing for an office of ten people or a corporate campus of thousands, Ready America has solutions for you.  Let our experienced disaster supply professionals assist you to assess your current disaster supplies readiness and help determine your needs.  Ready America’s warehouses contain a huge assortment of disaster supplies including extended shelf-life food and water, comprehensive first aid solutions, sanitation needs to shelter in place, emergency lighting, search and recovery tools and much more. We have kits, cabinets, shipping containers, or mobile trailers stocked with all of your disaster supply needs, or we can provide replenishment services for items that are near or beyond expiration dates in your current inventory.

Bulk Supplies
Airstar Nighttime Emergency Lighting


Loss of light is a crippling factor in emergency situations. Small, personal light sources (i.e., light sticks, crank-powered flashlights and headlamps) can provide immediate and efficient lighting in an emergency. (see our lighting products)

Where large areas of light are required, LED balloon lights are quick to set up and efficiently illuminate large work areas with uniform and quality lighting. They are also eco-friendly, and offer mounting options, including vehicle mounts for mobile lighting.

Water Solutions

Water is the first and most important need in a survival situation.  There is no substitute for having clean, potable water stored and ready to drink for the first days during an emergency.  Ready America offers numerous solutions for water storage both large and small.

DIVVY Emergency Water System

Water Filtration

Once access to running water has been disrupted, supplies of potable water often are consumed rapidly.  The ability to filter and/or purify non-potable sources of water becomes critical.  Ready America has a complete array of solutions from chemical purification and simple filtration bottles for individuals to large scale water purification solutions that deliver up to 2,500 gallons per day.

Perishable Supplies Management

Let us help you manage the replenishment of all perishable components within your disaster preparedness supplies.  Ready America’s experienced professionals can provide tracking, reminders, and help for you to manage the replacement of each and every perishable item within your disaster supplies inventory.  Our experience and established systems make this chore simple.

Perishable supplies management


Pandemic Supplies

For Information Relating to Pandemic Supplies