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Laboratory Seismic Bracing


As a facilities manager, you can’t afford not to have a seismic safety program in place for your lab!  You want to create a safe work environment, you want to comply with OSHA safety codes and you want to ensure your business continuity.

Typically, labs contain all kinds of valuable equipment including HPLCs, mass spectrometers, centrifuges, robots and a host of other countertop items, all of which need to be fastened down.

And don’t forget about the Minus 80s, deli coolers, production equipment, flammable cabinets and liquid nitrogen tanks.  There are innovative and cost effective methods of floor equipment fastening systems for all these things based on your facility requirements. Non-structural seismic mitigation systems can be custom designed for every aspect of your lab.


Safety and emergency supplies are needed in businesses, especially in hospitals.  We carry a large number of emergency preparedness products that range from emergency food and drinking water to earthquake safety fasteners for office equipment and medical equipment in labs.

Hospital Seismic Bracing
Office Seismic Bracing


We make work environments such as laboratories and data centers safer through the utilization of office fastening systems, an important part of the Ready America office safety strategy.

An office fastening system secures furniture and equipment around the office to ensure they don’t fall during an earthquake.

If your business is located in an earthquake zone, you should pay attention to what the experts are saying. It’s not a question of if but when we have a big earthquake.  For that reason, office fastening systems should be high on your to-do list.

Office fastening systems are often overlooked or put off indefinitely because it’s not regarded as a priority. Since we can’t predict when or where the next earthquake will hit, your best defense to protect employees is to be prepared.

Data Centers & Warehouse

Ready America has a long history of providing seismic mitigation services to some of California’s largest data centers.  We specialize in securing data center cabinets and racks, communication equipment, UPS, and other equipment that must remain on-line during and after an earthquake.

We have developed many methods of fastening these large items through the raised floor to the concrete sub-floor. Fasteners can have a quick-disconnect feature so the equipment can be moved when needed.  Many computer room raised floors do not have braced vertical supports, making them susceptible to lateral collapse in an earthquake.

Data Center Seismic Bracing

QuakeHOLD! Industrial

With over 80 years combined experience, we now offer the widest selection of state-of-the-art earthquake fastening products, services and custom-built seismic restraints. We provide these services for any type of business, industry, hospital, laboratory, school, military facility, data center, and collocation facility.


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