CPR Training

Training & Education

Customized Life Safety Programs At Your Location.

  • CPR, AED, First Aid & Bloodborne Pathogens Training
  • Evacuation Plans & Drills
  • One-Day Emergency Response Team Workshops
  • Corporate Emergency Response Team (CERT) Training

Specific Training Components

First Aid

When 911 is not immediately available and someone is hurt or injured, be prepared to respond. We train you at your location to assist with First Aid that could save a life. This is appropriate for home, work or anytime!


Even if you are previously CPR trained, it helps to keep your skills fresh in your mind and be aware of the current proper method for CPR. You never know when you will need this skill to save a life.


Automated Electronic Defibrillators (AEDs) are a life saver if there is someone nearby who knows how to operate one. We train you how and when to use an AED so you can confidently aid someone in cardiac arrest.


Your trainers are a nurse and a firefighter. Both are extremely knowledgable in Emergency Response training.  We train in the use of fire extinguishers, search & rescue, terrorism, disaster triage and backboarding, Incident Command System, and much more.


Photos From a Recent Training Event